Session 3


Posted by Tracey | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on March 6, 2013

So today’s the day, time for us all to show off our media skills or not!! Each group had to fulfill a success criteria which consisted of; 1. engaging and lively presentation, 2. clear communication, 3. specific and relevant, 4. body language. The rest of the class then marked us accordingly. We were reminded that at some point in our studies and career that we would need to use all of these skills in front of; fellow staff members, parents, teaching assistants and the most dreaded Ofsted!! So the groups lined up to share their trailers. First up, Kat’s group, consisting of Ellen and Rachael, went first and they decided on the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The story unfolded with the caterpillar eating everything it could get its hands on then it went for a tasty human (this being Ellen!). It was well documented and the filming followed the story well. The items they used were very colourful and the music they chose was in keeping with the story.  I think that a class of reception or year1 children will thoroughly enjoy the film clip and be able to continue the story for themselves.

Here is a link to watch the story via Youtube.

Next was Collette’s group, consisting of Chloe, Amber and Rebecca, decided on the story of Elmer the elephant. Their video clips ran smoothly together with great sound effects and pictures. The elephant story also reminders on how everybody is the same and we should be aware of how we treat people. A story with strong morals attached. The group also linked different areas of the curriculum to their story.


The next group decided on the story ‘Going on a bear hunt’. Ellie’s group, consisting of Hannah and Alice, used different props and materials to explain how the story would unfold. They had ideas on how to use the story within the classroom. Again this story could easily be used during any of out placements and one that I will try and use next time.


Sakinah’s group consisting of Abbie and Lottie decided on the story The Gruffalo. They only used a few slides as they felt that the story is very well known by the children and therefore they did not need to use lots of images. They explained about using the story to start a literacy lesson. Again the story can be used in various settings and with the added use of puppets would be a great way in a literacy lesson; story time and role play situations.

Rosie and Stacey were the next group up and they choose the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. They used puppets to introduce their trailer. They had some great music which complemented the pictures. They used the puppets in a fun way and would be easy for the children to follow.  The whole class agreed that their trailer was very cleverly made and would complement the story very well.


The next group, consisting of Serena, Sarah, Marlene and Lindsey decided on the story, Little Red Riding Hood. This group chose a different angle on how to show their trailer. They decided to star in the actual trailer themselves. They decided on a character and managed to find suitable clothing and props. They decided to film their trailer outside on the university grounds. It was hilarious to watch and I am sure a group of children would be fully entertained.


 So finally my group; Tracey, Ben and Gemma. Our trailer was based on the story, Little Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon. The filming for this trailer had been done the previous week and the sounds had been added later. The clips had been edited at my home and then given the ok by Ben and Gemma via Facebook! I had also uploaded to Youtube so that others could comment on the trailer and advise on anything else that needed to be done. Ben had created a literacy lesson plan and also commented on how our trailer could be used for a drama lesson. Some of our voiceovers had been our own and not from Youtube!! Our group scored 3 out 4 which was great seeing as I had never done anything like this before.

In case you have not had time to watch the trailer here is the link again!      We hope that you enjoy it.