Session 2


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So here we are lesson 2!

Ben is absent today due to his driving test, hopefully he has passed! Gemma and I go ahead with the planning of the story. We have been told that it only needs to be a short trailer of the story just to get the children’s interest. While we are looking at the book Ellie announces that Stephen the ICT technician will talk us through how we use movie maker. So moving our chairs nearer and notebook in hand we listen intently! Actually by the time he had finished it seemed quite straight forward. Between me and Gemma we decide on the individual scenes and made a story board for us to follow.

Please find pictures below.









Once we had decided on how the story would be represented we began filming. We found a quiet area in the corridor which, luckily for us it had a grey background, which helped our story.

Luckily for me Gemma is a dab hand at using ICT so I acted out the parts while she filmed.  After filming we went back to the computer and began editing following Stephens advice. It is coming together nicely, sound effects need to be added and some back ground images. We will pass it to Ben for him to take a look and let him have a go at editing!

So I met up with Ben to try and finalise this book trailer. We had difficult at first in trying to put all the scenes in order as no sooner have you added a new one then the original disappears! After some time it was decided that I would take it home and try and add the sound effects, oh lordy lordy why me?! Anyway I will give it my best shot ready for next week.

So, a few hours of youtubing for various sounds, please find a link below to watch the final piece. Have popcorn, squash (or coke, I don’t know, what ever takes your fancy!) sit back, relax and enjoy.

Session 1


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ICT, not my favourite subject but I suppose we all have to be a bit technical in some form or another! This session is all about media, media I ask myself what on earth. Well apparently it’s to do with cameras and iPads. I haven’t had the privilege of using either of these in a school based environment. All of my group have grown up with these and seem to know them inside out. Poor Ben (the only male in our group) has been assigned to me, as I have absolutely no idea as to what I am doing.

So what types of media do we know about? Marlene mentions about using videos to ‘watch themselves and then they can reflect on their performance’. Rachael then spoke about, ‘social learning, they interact together. Children are used to DS, PSP’s and play stations’.     T.A. Goodison, writing in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, explains about how ICT can promote independent learning.

Flip camera



Ellie adds that ICT and media are beneficial to children with a variety of special needs. Mentioning a child who has Autism and how they respond to using ICT. An article by Inclusive Technology examines the use of ICT and Autism. Sakinah spoke about EAL children and the use of bilingual software that can be used on the iPads. ICT was also used for a child that Lottie met while at her placement. The child concerned had Cerebral Palsy and used the ICT to help communicate. Scope, a charity run by a board of trustees, highlights the need for disabled children to be given the same opportunities as everybody else. An article on their website details what is available for a child with Cerebral Palsy in order to access ICT equipment.

As the lesson progressed the idea of using this type of equipment at school didn’t seem so daunting. During my school experience I did mange to use the interactive white board a few times but only very briefly. The first was for numeracy when we created a pictogram, next I used it to introduce a RE story about Moses. I then used it for an ICT lesson with a interactive game on for the children to learn about directions. The children enjoyed the game as it was very similar to the games they play at home. I also had the Bee-bots out and the children had to use a large map of a street that I had made and send the Bee-bots to various destinations. This again used their directional skills.

For the next session we have been asked to get into groups of 3 and choose a story for which we need to create a trailer. The trailer needs to entice the children into the story and then for them to develop it further. My group consists of myself, Ben and Gemma. We have decided on the story; Little Honey Bear and The Smiley Moon. I will up date you in my next blog.

Hello world!


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