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Green Screening with an Ipad !


In this session, I learnt how to green screen like you would if creating a film. In simple terms green screening is when someone stands in front of a green or blue screen and film have a scene of a movie shot or a photo taken with a different background to the blank canvas that is behind them.

When Claire and I were green screening in the classroom we used an ipad to film the scene. On ipads there is an app called green screen that comes ready with 3D backgrounds. These include a rotating earth and a beach with swaying palm trees. For our film we chose to use the footage of an aeroplane taking off. I was going to be the actress so sat down on the floor of the green screen and left the filming to Claire. Before we could start the filming we had to remove the green screen from the ipad footage by tapping on the green parts of the screen. We found that you couldn’t get rid of all the green background but we thought this wouldn’t  prevent children because they will still enjoy the task at hand.

Advantages of Green Screening in the classroom:

  • fun
  • lots of opportunities for participation by all – acting, filming e.t.c
  • open ended – there are many activities children can do (create their own film)
  • can be linked to any topic as images for the background can be found using the Internet
  • easy to export from the ipad to a computer via the email setting as the film made will be saved into the ipads gallery

Disadvantages of Green Screening in the classroom:

  • the quality is not the best it could be
  • lots of steps to carry out when using green screen
  • for all children to be involved the school needs to have a number of ipads which often isn’t the case
  • those acting may not actually do any ICT in a lesson

My Green Screen Video:

 If you wish to do this yourself in the classroom, here is some tips on how to make a green screen for yourself.



  1. You might find that creating green screen stills with offers more chance for everyone to be involved. Or you could take turns with an iPad over time.
    Try pasting your YouTube link onto its own line in your blogpost dashboard and un-hyperlinking. It should then show up as an embedded film. 🙂

    • I did use as well but have yet to blog about it. This will be on in a few days time. An excellent point made about taking turns with an iPad. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I enjoyed reading this blog. I also found the quality of the green screening quite poor but your video seems to have worked rather well.
    I particularly appreciated the pros/cons of using green screening in the classroom.

  3. The video is great, I don’t think children would be too bothered about the picture quality! I like that you can have video backgrounds as well as still images. There are loads of ways you can use this in schools, making a weather report for example. Thanks for the link to the green-screening tips, always useful!

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  5. This looks like a great idea to use in the classroom. I agree with Toni, I don’t think the children will be too bothered about the quality of the picture, they will be far too excited to care 🙂 An interesting idea and something I will really consider using in the classroom. Thanks Jen x

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