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Mobile Technology: Morfo…joke or serious??

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I have never laughed so much in a uni lecture before!! Me and Kirstie decided to check out the program called ‘Morfo’. Morfo is a program for the iPad (or a smart phone) that allows you to turn a normal picture into a crazy 3D character! Of course we used my face for the picture!! We just took a normal picture (well as normal as it can be), and we uploaded it into the Morfo program! Then the fun began…

Well, we did not have a clue what we were doing, so we pressed a few buttons and played around with the program and we made a VERY short 3 second video. Once we got the hang of what we were doing we decided to make another video as we explored the program a little more. We uploaded the picture again onto the Morfo program and turned me into a crazy rockstar!! Which was very creepy, especially my eyes, as the picture was zoomed right in! We did show the video to many class members who thought it was hilarious :).

Now for the serious stuff…how could this app be used in schools? After discussion, me and Kirstie found it very difficult to find ways in which we could in corporate it into a classroom??? We could not think of anything- great creative teachers huh? After much discussion, we thought it could be used in Literacy lessons, especially drama and story time. Using Morfo booth in story time can engage the children in the story and make the characters more realistic through animation. In drama, the children can act as the characters to explore emotions and expressions of how the characters are feeling.

When first using the program I never thought this would be something I would use in school…but my opinion on this has definitely changed! I can now see the educational benefits of using Morfo and will try to incorporate it into my own teaching.

A website I used to help me understand Morfo was called Morfo App; take a look at it and see if it helps you 🙂

Here is the first video:

Here is the second video where I was a crazy rockstar!!

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