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Mobile Technology: iPad’s and iMovie…

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Well, although I have seen many people using iPad’s before, (and used them myself in schools) I never actually got to use them in the lessons, apart from a quick go on Morfo! After watching peoples’ videos I was gutted I missed the lessons as the videos created using iMovie were fantastic ( I particularly liked Kirstie, Ben and Toni’s re telling of Little Red Riding Hood). Unfortunately, I do not have a resource to share with you, as I didn’t use iMovie!

Using iPad’s and iMovie in schools would be highly engaging and fun for all children and teachers involved. Although I didn’t actually produce a resource from using iMovie, I can see from other people’s videos just how beneficial they are in the classroom. iMovie could be used to re tell stories (like some people from the group did), this would be a fantastic aspect to promoting: group work, talk, assessment and understanding of ICT skills. The only negative about the app is that it is not free (and we all know teachers’ love free resources) but it is only £2.99, so it isn’t really breaking the bank balances guys! The benefits the iMovie app has on enhancing the children’s learning is definitely worth paying the small fee of £2.99…although buying it on a lot of iPad’s could be costly!!

Most Key Stage 2 children would be able to use the app independently and produce a high quality movie, a little modelling and guidance may be needed at first. Key Stage 1 children could explore the app in groups, but would need adult guidance throughout (useful to use TA’s) , and focus on improving their Speaking and Listening skills rather than ICT.

Aspects of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 that could be achieved through using iMovie could be:
• Take turns in speaking
• Create and sustain roles individually and when working with others
• Re telling stories
• Listening to adults giving instructions
• Presenting drama and stories for other people
Aspects of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 that could be achieved through using iMovie could be:
• To speak with confidence in a range of purposes
• Gain and maintain interest of audiences
• Make contributions relevant to the topic
• Create, adapt and sustain different roles, individually and in groups
• Use dramatic techniques to explore characters and feelings

Obviously there are more aspects that using iMovie can achieve but these are just a few I felt were important!




November 20, 2012 @ 9:22 pm   Reply

I love free resources and very rarely pay for apps on my Ipad, however, I purchased this app because using it first hand I thought it was fantasti. I agree this is a fantastic resource to use in school’s to enhance many area’s of the National Curriculum.

Great blog! Shame you didnt have a chance to use the app!



    November 20, 2012 @ 9:26 pm   Reply

    Thanks Kirstie 🙂 I loved the video you made. I hope one day I get an iPad and can purchase the app.

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