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Mobile Technology: QR codes…what are they??

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During this weeks session Helen introduced us to QR codes. Mobile technology is increasingly popular in this day and age, children are constantly surrounded by mobile phones and iPads. Integrating mobile technology into school classroom seems like a clever idea then doesn’t it?…

So what is a QR code??? Well, QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and it is a readable bar code that is very popular in Japan, and more recently in Europe! I had only ever seen a QR code on my BlackBerry before this lesson, so it was very new to me.

I did not really understand the use of QR codes until this session, so I found it very beneficial. Little did I know, how simple they actually are to use in a classroom. A big challenge teachers face when when teaching is engaging the children at all times and keeping them on task. QR codes will instantly engage children as they will be introduced to using iPads, iPods and other devices!

In the session, I used one of the code games already set up, as I wanted to have a go at scanning codes and seeing what happens before I made my own! I chose the Maths code game; which made Maths fun for me (as I don’t normally find it fun!) and I thought it was a fantastic cross curricular link to engage children as it will give them a sense of excitement for when the calculations appear.

An idea I had for using the codes would be to lead children to an area of the school/classroom by using codes to give clues and the children have to work out the clues as it will lead them to the next clue. Also, in Maths it can be done as a competition as to who can work out the clues the quickest; but obviously ability etc. would need to be considered. Once I felt confident in using the QR codes I decided to make one myself…

I decided to Google how QR codes could be used in a classroom and came across this website ‘Planet Science’ and I came across a Youtube video called ‘QR Codes- Periodic Table; which I thought was a fantastic resource to make in a classroom (although it would be secondary school) , that is easily adaptable throughout the curriculum areas.
Take a look…

I used a website called QR Stuff which was very helpful as it was numbered in steps to help you create your code! I created a code which SHOULD link to our group 2 blog page 🙂

Another website in which I found very helpful was: What is a QR Code? it has various sub headings such as; How can I scan a QR code? , How can I make a QR code? and What is a QR code? So, if you are unsure about anything relate with QR codes I recommend this website!

Finally, I am very glad we had the session on QR codes; as I will definitely try out using them on our next placement as I want to experience the benefits the session had on me, in my own lessons! They are an excellent use of ICT for cross curricular links and can make lessons fun and engaging. I think when I use them in my lessons I would use them as a starter to engage the children in the activity by making it fun and interactive.

Some ideas on how to use QR codes in the classroom:

– Treasure hunts
– Maths problem solving
– Instructions
– Research purposes
– Starter activities
– To create displays in the classroom
– Inclusion!! They are much more accessible to children who may have reading or writing difficulties

All of which can be incorporated into any subject within the National Curriculum.




November 21, 2012 @ 2:56 pm   Reply

Hello Nicola-Kate. Thrilling blog so far.

I am writing to happily inform you I also came across that video about QR codes in the periodic table and was overcome with emotion. I cannot wait to begin to think how I could use this in my primary classroom.

However, I have not seen this used in my school experience yet, I am going to inquire further when I do go into placement.

I am hoping for your opinion which will develop both our professional knowledge on this subject. If you go into a school which is from a socio-economically deprived background and the funding for such provision in ICT is not apparent, how would you try to persuade the headteacher for the funding to use QR codes in your lessons?

I look forward to hearing your views and thoughts on this interesting topic.

Kind regards,
Mr Barwell.



    November 21, 2012 @ 3:54 pm   Reply

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your comment. I am pleased to know you found my blog post ‘thrilling’.

    How fantastic was the periodic table QR codes video? I was amazed!

    In answer to your last question querying the headteacher. I would initially show him/her the advantages of using QR codes by using my own BlackBerry SmartPhone by doing an activity using the QR codes with the children. I am sure this would persuade the headteacher to think about purchasing the technology needed for QR codes, by reeling off the educational benefits for the children to enhance their learning. I would then suggest maybe a fundraising opportunity, with all funds raised going towards buying the technology needed.

    I hope this answers your question?

    How would you persuade the headteacher?

    Yours faithfully




      November 21, 2012 @ 4:06 pm   Reply

      Thanks for replying, NKH.

      It really inspires me how you’d think of including fundraising towards the technology in your classroom. Surely this would bring about some community cohesion with your class. Maybe this could be a whole-school initiative?

      I would persuade the headteacher, using your idea as well, by showing them various different cross-curricular opportunities, providing an inclusive environment for all. Also, if this is a school from a wide diverse catchment, I would definitely include some EAL activities in this experience to enlighten and divulge them into the wondrous epitome focusing towards the advancements towards the new digital revolution.

      All the best,

      Mr Barwell.



        November 21, 2012 @ 4:08 pm   Reply

        Yes, this could be a whole-school initiative- what a fantastic idea Mr Barwell! As it is something the children will be able to use, involving them all in the fundraising would be inspirational and motivational for all involved.

        I too like your idea of EAL activities, thank you for your advice.

        All the best,


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