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MY ICT Experiences…

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ICT has always been an area of the curriculum I have been interested in! Mainly because it meant we didn’t have to write in books or copy from textbooks!

I don’t really remember using much ICT whilst in primary school; but I do remember the small ICT suite, that always had the shutters down at the windows, to make it a very dark room! One thing that I do remember was creating instructions using ICT to guide other children to an area of the school; which was quite fun as I sent somebody to the ‘dark room’ in the school! 🙂

Most of my ICT experience came from secondary school! Well, it did in year 7, 8 and 9 anyway! MY ICT teacher was very enthusiastic about the subject and made it a fun lesson to be in; with obvious learning intentions as well. I remember when I first made a power point! We could chose anything we wanted to make a power point on…so for anyone who knows me obviously I chose Manchester United players! 😀 As it is obviously something I am VERY interested in. I have to say my power point was quite fantastic! Well, I thought it was fantastic anyway; even though primary school children now-a-days could probably produce a better power point from me now!

How stressful were GCSE’s!!!!! I don’t think I would have got through them without the help of revision websites! Some websites I found very useful (which admittedly I still use now some times when I am unsure about a subject I am teaching on placements ha ha!) which I would like to share with you are:

BBC Bitesize (which everyone probably already knows about) but it was my saviour throughout my GCSE’s, and can be used for primary school children as well)

SAM Learning I am not sure if anyone has heard of SAM Learning before?? It was a program called Self-Assessment Material (SAM) that my secondary school bought to help us with our GCSE’s. We all had individual log in usernames and passwords and could take practice tests; which the teachers had access to; so they could check our progress! Which at the time I did not like, but can definitely see the benefits to both children and teachers now.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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