Movie Trailers

After missing last lesson I was unsure what programmes were being used and their effectiveness. We decided to do a movie trailer. This would be incorporated into a literacy lesson. Our particular trailer was a new James Bond movie. However, the idea originally came because on placement a lesson in a medium-term plan I was provided required the children to design a poster for their class book. The idea of creating an actual trailer seems much more appealing.

The library was really busy so we decided that we did not want to sit in the school experience section and play with puppets while creating a storybook trailer. The new film ‘Skyfall’ has just been released and gave us the idea of a James Bond spoof.

Not sure this is what Shane looked like.

We used the iPad software ‘imovie’. I found this a glitchy software, which was difficult to use. It also required a lot of video in order to make an effective trailer. If used with children it would be necessary to do storyboards and have some planning behind what they wanted to include in their trailer otherwise the freedom might cause confusion and problems.

Overall, I did not feel that our trailer was a complete success because it’s confusing. This is mainly due to the lack of video that we had and the trailer had to finished in order to work properly. Also, the programme was limited in the length of time that each video could be and this could be frustrating for the children. However, it produces a professional outcome that children will be proud of.