Scratch Resource

We decided to focus on learning and progressing in computer programming skills.  We would use this activity with lower Key Stage 2 children but it could easily be extended for older children or those who are accomplished programmers or as they progress with the programming over a series of lessons.

Children would be given the simple bat and ball game, which already has all of the script written for them.


Children are then to create their own theme for the bat and ball game.   They could choose their themes. We’ve chosen aliens, but it could be anything from cars to unicorns!  Depending on the children’s experience, we would ask the children, for example, to change the sprites, add sounds, and add a background.Our group have demonstrated possible outcomes of this activity with the space bat and ball game (see “Resources“).

We would ask them to prepare their games to be used with Key Stage 1 children so that they had an audience in mind.  The KS1 children could use the games as a stimulus for writing stories, poetry, drama, role-plays etc. These would then be shown and played by the KS1 children who could provide an evaluation for the children, giving it a purpose and the “assessment” not coming from the teacher.

2 thoughts on “Scratch Resource”

  1. I thought this was such a good idea! Your children would be really proud of what they had achieved and you have scaffolded the activity so that it is very likely they would be able to produce something satisfying.

  2. Thank you. We felt that scratch was a hard programme to be able to use and to expect the children to use it with nothing to scaffold would be too difficult. Therefore, we took a simple game and thought children would still gain programming skills from making it their own with themes and new characters.

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