ICT and E-Safety

Everyone knows that e-safety is an important aspect that needs to be taught to children but through talking to children (and from my own experience) it isn’t always being taught in the best way.

When talking to Year 7 students during the transition period they expressed their views that the first topic covered was E-safety, which included making posters. They all said that although they understood it was an important topic that the information was always the same and that it was always taught in the same way via making posters.

It is our job, as teachers, to make sure that our pupils do not come out of our classes saying the same thing. We want them to have learnt something new and have learnt it in a new, inspiring and interactive way. How can we do this?

Internet safety is often taught as a topic. However, is this entirely necessary? Internet safety is something that needs to be thought about and adhered to whenever the children go onto the computer. This means that e-safety needs to be incorporated into every lesson. Through small activities, reminders before the children write an email or having information in the room. Also, children need to have the opportunity to put this into practice on a regular basis either through natural use of e-mail or VLE’s.


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