This is the first blog that I have written myself and it was a new element of technology that I have had to experiment with in order to use effectively. The blog programme being used is Edublogs and is the subscribed version; which offers extra features to the free one. Edublogs is relatively simple to use, however the tuition from the lecturer proved to very helpful in being able to navigate the website. The most important tools include creating a new post, the dashboard and adding media and links.

I think that blogs are something that would be difficult to do with children, however I have seen a VLE where blogs are posted about school activities and their homework was posted and the children were able to comment and discuss with one another. It was really effective and kept children feeling involved with all decisions and other children in the school.

I would be happy to experiment with using blogs with children when I am teaching and think that children could have a section where they experiment with posting blogs and commenting about each other’s work as and when it fits into topics that the children are covering.

2 thoughts on “Blogs”

  1. I agree that it will be challenging with children creating blogs but on the other hand don’t you think that it is possible they will find it even easier than us with the technology they are exposed to in today’s day and age?

  2. Good point. I also think that whilst completing this blog that my skills and my ability to experiment with medias within the blog has improved. Doing the same with children using scaffolding could be equally rewarding.

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