Directed Task 1: My own experience of ICT in schools.

I would like to describe my experience of ICT in schools as exciting, challenging and invigorating, however, my ICT experience was very limited. In Primary school there was one computer in the corner of the classroom where children would take it in turns to work in pairs across the week. In secondary school we had ICT lessons which consisted of using Excel, Word and Access. Most of my learning happened at home trying to figure out how my computer worked, what I could do with it and what CD -Roms did.  ‘Tweaking and tinkering with technology is a great way to learn’ (Berry, 2012). ICT is now widely encouraged to be integrated into classroom practice. In schools I have observed the use of laptops with small groups and areas within the shared area of year groups. But in KS 1 the children are still not encouraged enough to use them independently to discover more about what they already know. Instead websites have already been pre-chosen for children to use during this time and it involves clicking the ‘correct answer’.

Technology is advancing and many households have the latest gadgets such as Nintendo Wii and DS, Playstation, Computers, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Cameras. Children need to be able to adapt their experiences and use their knowledge both at home and in school. Berry (2012) states ‘a deeper knowledge and understanding of how digital technology works and gets made has to be part of a broad and balanced education in the 3rd millennium, and I think this means teaching this in school’ .Mark Anderson explores the use of iPads in the classroom and suggests that critical pedagogy will bring transformational learning. iPads are a useful resource in the classroom and can be used to research specific topics or information during lessons.   I found ‘The relationship between coding and computer science’ section of Switched On interesting to say the least. It describes the aims of children learning and understanding computer science as well as being able to write computer programs. Children explore how things work but through coding they will be learning how to make things work. The evolution of ICT has opened up a new opportunity for exploration and learning by both teachers and children.

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