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My name is Claire (Cookie to my friends) and I am presently in my third and final year of teacher training.  I am a mother to two adorable and somewhat cheeky monkeys, partner to a wonderfully supportive and encouraging man and care worker at our local NHS hospital.

I am by no means a technophobe; I have facebook and myspace accounts, have been known to skype on occasions and have so far enjoyed teaching ICT to children in schools, although initially it was more a case of them teaching me, especially with regards to the interactive whiteboard, (I remember revolving chalkboards in classrooms!).  My most enjoyable experience being that of assisting a class to create their own comic strips.  The outcomes were much better than I had anticipated and even those children who struggled initially ended up producing some quality work.

My own Daughter is of primary school age and it amazes me at just how quickly and adeptly children take to ICT.  At just 3 years of age she was competent with Microsoft Paint and when we purchased her first PC computer game she took to understanding, navigating and controlling it faster than I did.  I now enjoy introducing her to packages and programmes we have used in our ICT sessions at university and we happily work them out together.  I am looking forward to being able to do the same with my Son in a few months time.

As for blogging however, well this is something which is very new to me.  I have never been one to ‘follow’ celebrities; preferring instead a good book or good company.  However as we have been informed, blogging isn’t necessarily about hanging on the every movement and comment of high-profile celebrities.  It can be a way for like-minded people with a common interest to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences.  Feel free therefore to read through my blogs and comment where necessary and perhaps we can begin to share our opinions on some of the issues surrounding ICT in primary education.  Blogs should  be appearing on a weekly basis (dependent upon demands of children, family and work life and other uni necessities such as the ever looming assignments – but I will try to find the time to post on here as often as I can).


I look forward to sharing this experience with you and hopefully getting to know some of you fellow colleagues out there over the next few weeks.


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