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Posted on November 7, 2012 by Claire.
Categories: mobile technologies.

So we have now been introduced to the novelty that is QR codes.  Yes I had come across these before ( I am not that far behind with technological advancements) and I have even got an APP on my phone for scanning and accessing the links.  However I certainly did not realise how simple it was, and free of charge too, to create these.  I thought businesses spent thousands of pounds employing other companies to create these strange looking squares, and perhaps they do, but we found out today how to do it for free.

“So what do QR codes found in magazines, leaflets, supermarket aisles etc have to do with Primary Education?” I hear you ask.  Well, they can be a useful and imaginative means of engaging children with their learning.  A mathematics display may contain QR codes as the answer to puzzles or questions or QR codes may be used as an interactive and creative approach to lesson work, they can even be used for treasure hunting making use of map reading/co-ordinate skills – a Geography/Mathematics link.  They can be used to create whole class book reviews, provide links to websites for extension work during lessons or for research at home and saves printing out endless copies of instructions and websites to look at etc.  You can copy and paste enough QR codes for all pupils to have one each onto one sheet of A4, which can then be cut out and stuck into homework books, planners etc.

This approach to learning would captivate children as it would give a sense of solving a mystery through detective work to the lesson.

Here is an idea I found for incorporating QR codes into Mathematics work.






This QR code will take you to my other post for an idea of how to use QR codes creatively. The website we used to create the codes is quite simply called scan.me.  All you do is click on create code and then follow the simple steps to create the righttype of QR code for your resource.  It really couldn’t be easier. 

  my blog





This code will take you to a webpage with further ideas for using QR codes in the classroom.


I have enjoyed trying out the Qr codes and will enjoy incorporating them appropriately into my classroom too.  I do believe it is easy to over use them and children will gradually disengage from them as they become too ‘same old, same old’ so to speak.  Their use does therefore need to be planned considerately into the classroom as any other learning aid would be.

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Comment on November 21st, 2012.

Hi Claire, I enjoyed reading your blog 🙂 especially where you mentioned QR codes could be used to create whole class book reviews, as it is something I never thought about 🙂



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