Geocaching around the school with QR codes.

Posted on November 7, 2012 by Claire.
Categories: mobile technologies.

I have just posted this idea on Laura K’s blog in response to her post on Geocaching.  I really like the idea of Geocaching but think this may be a bit difficult with a group of primary school pupils as it involves searching for items which may be spread some distance apart and you never know what people may have left.  I have therefore come up with a geocaching around the school idea – a bit like a treasure hunt.

  • Obtain an aerial view image of the school and grounds and get it blown up to a decent size
  • Place a grid over the image to create squares with co-ordinates.  Copy this so that there are enough for each group.
  • Hide items in certain locations making a note of the co-ordinates.
  • Create a sheet of QR codes, each code provides one set of co-ordinates.  Copy this so that each group has one.
  • Children are tasked with finding and recording as many items as possible. The children will have to understand the importance of not removing the item.
  • Each group begins by scanning a different QR code to ensure all groups are active right from the start and are not falling over each other trying to get to the same item.
  • The hunt continues until all QR codes have been scanned and locations investigated.
  • The first group to return with the all items correctly identified wins. Teacher checks each answer sheet as it comes in and tells children if any items are incorrect but does not tell them what the correct item is. The group then has to go back to that co-ordinate and find the correct item.

Pupils could then be sent home with a letter informing parents of what has taken place and giving information about geocaching and how to get involved with it.  This way pupils can hopefully continue to enjoy using technology to search out hidden treasures.

Do you think this could work?  What do you think about trying to Geocache properly with primary school pupils?



I am not going to copy Laura so check out her blog  to see what she said about Geocaching and to view the websites she suggested.


Comment on November 21st, 2012.

Hi Claire. I think this would be a nice idea to do with children, although i think i would only do it unsupervised with Y5 or Y6 and supervised closely with Y3 and Y4, especially if over a large area. Can also be linked nicely to many areas of the curriculum, with items to be found relating to specific topics.


    Comment on November 21st, 2012.

    Shane that sounds great. What a way to introduce a topic. Say if you were about to cover the Egyptians you could have synoptic jars, sarcophagus’s, hieroglyphics, images/models of the gods etc hidden for them to find. You could then get them discussing their findings and what they know about them (AfL) and then create a class museum and display the objects in it. As the class learn about the objects they could write little factual statements about them – Creating non-fiction texts link – and maybe even computer generate these and link to them through a QR code placed next to the object. Sounds like so much fun and all kids loving being detectives!


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